Saving up for South East Asia and other things

Being a poorly paid bastard, saving ip for traveling is always a pain. My co-worker is in to airbnb ( and has been recommending it to me for months. I’ve been decorating and making my place for almost three years and being in a perfect location in the city, it just might work. Me and Olli (my roommate) are both very clean and organized people so having guests over is no problem for us, it doesn’t requier a massive cleaning operations. So now that i’m poor and trying to save, I decided to give it a go.

After making the add I got tons of requests from people and after two days my room was booked for the whole august. First guests were and australian couple, very nice, clean people. The second couple left some lubricant things to my room so i guess they had a nice time. Yesterday I gave the key to the last one. She’ll be staying at mine for the next three weeks while I hang out at my moms or at my dads. So me and the dogs are on the road. Olli is traveling somewhere in Albania so we don’t have anything to do at home anyways.

And no, I’m not quitting couchsurfing for a quick buck. This is totally different, I don’t get to get to know these people and the experience is completely different. What I/you/anyne can gain from CS is very different than what can be gained from airbnb. This said, I really really recommend this to everyone. It is a bit of a hussle to go clean up every few days and wash/change sheats, but the pay is great! Obviosly you need a mom, dad, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone else who is willing to accomodate you while you make money.

Finland is getting dark and rainy. You can smell september in the air. Have to fight depression, think about the months in sunshineland in february. Six more months.




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